Friday, 9 October 2009

Dudesweet in an abandoned hospital

On Sunday night I embarked on a little adventure with some friends to the Dudesweet "party" at an abandoned hospital far far away.  

abandoned hospital - spot the ambulances

It was actually a movie set where the lead characters would go to a Dudesweet party in an abandoned hospital, so Note, the founder of Dudesweet, threw a party, reminiscent of his parties about 5 years ago - underground guerilla style but this time it was a real party, but "fake" world.


Abandoned it was, an unfinished hospital wing. .. pretty cool except for the stifling heat. The Entourage (a couple of them) came to join too.
Nat, Vudi and friends

Note, is one of the best, most avant-garde and multi-talented graphic designers I have ever met. One of the godfathers of the Bangkok alternative scene.  The parties are a little hobby, in the day time he runs Slow Motion, his graphic design studio.  What he has done for the  alternative scene here is hard to describe - he did after all bring Elmgreen and Dragset (pre-Venice Biennale fame), did a party in a boxing rink, brought over dj's after dj's, film screenings in the park, you name it - he's done it and all for the love, not for the $. Mad respect for the guy.  

Note and his megaphone

He has been nominated to represent Thailand in the HP version of Project Runway for graphic designers, so I certainly will be voting for Note. 

Dude - sweeet. 

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