Tuesday, 27 October 2009


A tour de force of a show by Issue where Roj and his team truly challenge the idea of gravity by taking the intergalactic space princess/prince, alien, explorer/Star Wars/Star Trek 1970's sci-fi concept to truly another level.  He defies the idea of gravity as his very coherent collection and styling was so tight to the theme  that he takes us on a galactic story to other worlds,  yet he is still honest and humble to his roots - that bohemian hippy ethnic one, complete with incense and tigers.  

First and foremost, the show was in a movie theater, the cinema as a backdrop, the first thing that greeted you were lasers, lots of smoke and a bunch of identical adroid clones to the Star Wars theme. . .then the show really started to the soundtrack of MIA's Bird Flu. . .the models in their sci-fi ethnic garb complete with little metorite hats.  

There was a taste of Leia for sure and of course Queen Nobi and Darth Vadar, Spock, Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo - all of them had little appearance.  
Smoke created an other-worldly atmosphere with the screen back drop showing planets and as the models came closer - their faces were faintly projected - like a vision of themselves, faded hardly real.
The Finale was Alien dressd a bit like an alien princess complete with flying balls rising from her head, an ultimate statement of something that defies gravity.  

Inspiring and engaging and moreover definitley conducive to "I want to BUY" . . . the little shift dresses and kaftans in "ethic geometric" design, the harem trousers and shirts.  Roj has a complete vision and is unique, his success is evidenced by his loyal following and 15+ years in the business.  I remember my first pair of Issue cargo trousers bought whilst still doing my GCSE's.  

Evidence of the commericial success of this AW 09 collection was that the Pop-Up shop was drained of stock by the end of the night.  I bought a little limited edition sarong scarf which is a scarf with about 9 different lives - from scarf to skirt, to dress, to turban etc.  A trip to the store is in order.

In the meantime, I have Star Wars in my head and stars in my eyes . . .Issue lets you escape and the clothes are great for escaping in. 
P'Roj and I

As for P'Roj, he remains one of the sweetest, most humble and genuine designers ever.  May the Force be with you.

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