Monday, 5 October 2009


Last Monday Bangkokians reported immense traffic in the city centre - this was due to the Indian festival thanking the Gods . . .particularly Ganesh. The weekend before, Eric Booth invited me to see Ganesh by Pichet, the first part being a classical Thai version of the tale with Pichet as the solo performer.  It was enchanting - I now understand why Lord Ganesh is worshipped and why his tusks are broken.  Ganesh is the patron of the arts, he represents artistic endeavours and creativity - very relevant to our times really.  The performance was an hour long and at Pichet's studio which is part of his very charming home. 

on the way to Pichet's

His talent, ability and presence is overwhelming, although a solo performer all the varied emotions required in the play where there are gods, goddesses and mortals are projected from him alone, he has a very wholesome presence and his energy fills the room.  

You could feel the pain of his fight and the fear of his loss fromm watching his movement and letting the Thai prose explain.  Very inspiring indeed.  

As I was in Singapore, I was not able to go watch the second re-enactment of the same story but in a modern interpretation.  He is one of the foremost performers in Thai art - unique.  Ganesh would be proud

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