Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Redefinition of the Drape - Paris SS '10

Alber Albaz, he who revived the house of Lanvin, started a new look that is really truly his and redefined the drape and the idea of shape, redefined the use of fabric and he does it once again.  Yes, he uses Polyester, yes the dresses are as desirable as any silk chiffon number.  
No, at first glance, a minimalist he is not but in terms of the form, the simple yet complex way that he drapes, the composition, the balance - there is something new and rather complex here - it is beautiful and challenging. Take away the necklaces and styling the dresses and jumpsuits are so pure and effortless.  

I can't help but think of draping of sarongs once again or the sabai over a blouse in Thailand from pictures of the past.

It is this willingness of designers to explore and to move away from the traditional yet weave in references of the old.  There are immense techonolgoical developments in textiles and Mr. Albaz has always used this to his benefit.  The essence is in the detail yet if one looks at the shapes, there is a purity, a sancitity which is from the way the fabric itself behaves.  It's like the laws of gravity, Mr. albaz has time and time again manipulated this law and this time has given us something new - different indeed.  Wish I was there.

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