Friday, 30 October 2009

Corto Dreamin' - AW '09

"Corto makes me happy . . .Corto makes me happy" a chorus to a song sung by a performance "artist" years back in Venice when we were all together.

This season, the Corto bags that would make me very happy and thus I am dreaming about are: the Kryptonight bag in Panthere Chevre - I have been eyeing the Kryptonight since last season but this colourway has sealed the deal.  . . . 
Panthere Chevre Kryptonite

and the Priscilla bag (which has developed a cult following of its own) in Milky Way. . .the sparkles are reminiscent of the stars and are transfixed in a moody black deerskin.   It will be a worthy addition to my sci-fi/space themed Priscillas. . .the Darth Vader and Corto Galaxy.  A theme seems to be evident here - dark, brooding, mysterious, and inter-galactic . . . yet fun.  I love.

Milky Way Priscilla

I am waiting on my Cassette Clutch (the colour will be a surprise) which will come with Nat Sarasas as he returns to Bangkok after his European tour.  In the mean time, I shall be dreaming about the Panthere Kryptonight bag and the Milky Way Priscilla . . .(check out for where to buy and Corto will be introducing a special private club where you can buy on the internet very soon - will keep you posted)

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