Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Chote Chitr Revisited

The ninety year old institution called Chote Chitr is truly worth the trek across town on Friday. Michelle was visiting me from Singapore and I decided that she really did need to see old Bangkok in its full glory and that meant lunch at Chote Chitr . . .

Michelle at Chote Chitr

The menu is vast but what the restaurant is famous for are old Thai dishes such as Mee Krob and Banana Blossom salad - absolutely divine. We also adored the Fish Tum Yum with miso.

mee krob

banana blossom salad

Can you imagine that little kitchen has been there for generations and in that little kitchen the chef is able to create a massive and delicious menu with the freshest ingredients and most well-rounded taste? There are only about 5 tables in there so you usually do have to wait but there is something rather satisfying about waiting for a meal you know will be divine.

she's the boss

We worked out that it would take months and months of coming for lunch to sample everything on the menu - I suppose if it's been there for 90 years, it is not going anywhere soon. I am always so happy every time I leave Chote Chitr - walking through the little soi and seeing Gor Panich the famous mango and sticky rice shop across the street. This was only the start of our old Bangkok afternoon . . .

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