Saturday, 24 April 2010

Neon Carnival in the Desert

We found ourselves dragging our feet through the crowd defeated by an overload of good music and people to then be accosted by Kathy and friends to a "secret" party. . .   

The  annual carnival party that goes on at Coachella, hosted by Brent Bolthouse, an infamous party organiser in LA. It was in the middle of nowhere at some airport in the desert.  .  

and we were greated by neon palm trees and rides, all types of them . . .I was particularly enthused by the bumper cars, the boys excited about the Fatburgers. . . Kathy and Jeff liked going backwards on the slides.  Oh and let's not forget the Umpa Lumpas!! I even won a furry friend, fred the frog from shooting hoops . . .  
Kathy with Barracuda and me with Fred
Jusske and I
WHAT A CARNIVAL!! From moosemunch to ciroc to rides and glow rings . . .we drove home as the first desert light in the horizon started to brighten the sky. LOOOOVE. Carnival in the desert.  

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