Thursday, 22 April 2010

Hollywood Baby

From NY to LA - picked up at LAX by my amazing host, Jeff Solerio, one of the founders of Dita.  First stop was macro biotic food at M, then he left me at his loft in Hollywood, I remember feeling exhausted but the next thing I knew, Warren Noronha, an old and dear friend from London who now lives in LA and runs a magazine called MyMag rolled through to pick me up.  We went to The Roosevelt, low and behold, to Tropicana Bar (like going back into time and out of a Hockney painting), we bumped into my friend Fabrice from Paris who I had not seen for YEARS and the best surprise of all, Hugo Scott from London. The Roosevelt was defintely the pre-Coachella spot.  We did not even make it to the Chateau, that would have been rather something too. That is what I love about LA, it is sprawling yet at the same time, very very small.
Hugo and I
Hugo and Fabrice
Me wearing Hugo's Visvim shoes
Warren and Remy

The next day I went all the way to Santa Monica, by taxi (not recommended) to meet with Crystal Garrett at Red Bull, Shaun White's publicist who is as gorgeous as she is switched on - a very impressive set up - hopefully we can do something with themn sometime soon . . .then dragged myself to Venice Beach to see the skate ramp which was amazing and left me regretting that I do not live in Cali and grew up with surf breaks and skate ramps. Sighs. Loved the American Apparel outlet on Venice Beach and the vintage surf shop and the restuarant Gjelina's. 
Red Bull
Skate Ramp at Venice Beach
Gjelina's @ Abbott Kinney
Then the walk around West Hollywood feeling like a tourist (no one walks in LA) with Tom . . .oh and dinner with my darling Tui and her parents at Pizza Mozza. . . I love LA.
Pups only
Shhhhhh @ the Petit L'Hermitage
The next day was great, the best thing about LA is probably the weather and the fact that one can hang on the roofdeck and swim is quite something.  
I contented myself with feeling very LA by reading my script for Ing K's Macbeth where I will be playing one of the witches. Lunch was Lomo beef with Warren at Lala's and again, the day spent seeing the sites.  My fave was Opening Ceremony, if I had to only to shop at OC in LA and nowhere else I would still be the happiest girl in the world.  It is the best retail experience - loooove(props to Humberto and Carol! and to Jesse who helped me) . . .Warren then rescued me again to go to the Village Idiot for the best steak pie ever.  We really thoguht that we could do nothing and rest that night seeing as Coachella was the next day but that was a dream that did not come true.  Jeff and I then went to meet Tui and her crew . .  . 
Tui and I
Jeff and Tui
Coachella was calling and yes, it was precisely that which was what ended the first part of my Hollywood journey. . .

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