Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Springtime in NY

I had the chance to return to the empire state as I was invited to speak at the Annual Asian IP Day at Fordham University.  The title of my talk was "Thailand:Geographical Indications and Traditional Knowledge: Not just Ong Bak, Silk and Rice" . . .basically how value can be derived from what seems to just very simple cliches and the law provides the platform to do so, the media and access to infromation and education catalysts to making that happen. . .So that was 3 intense days of IP (4 if you include the preparation) . . the rest of rather amazing, it was HOT in the Big Apple and my jet lag was not even funny but it was nice to spend time with my dad who was in NY as a speaker at fordham and also my professor David Llwelyn, one of the foremost IP thinkers in the world and of course my old friends . . .

Dad and I at Fordham

What is awesome about NYC is that the places change fast but the people do not, I always find myself in a sort of comfort zone when I am there. Needless to say had a chance to spend time with dear old friends, crashing first with Gabby Mejia in the East Vill then Polina Aronova in her apartment in LES. Great food, great times . . . . highlights were definitely the Bo Sssam pork banquet that Cecilia organised, Paul Sevigny's Kenmare with Tom Palmer which Paul kindly squeezed in a table and dessert for us,Boom Boom Room with Jeremy and Cafe Gitane at The Jane with Jeremy and Patrick, Barocco with Caroline and La Barra and Babycakes with Popo.  Without doubt it was also amazing to meet some new people and learn that the Asian influence in fashin in America is second to none (Asiancy).  Wish I could be there for Patrick Li's panel discussion at Columbia this week.   
A night out with Caroline
Boom Boom with Jeremy
Popo and hubby with their dog
LES thing
customise your own Nike Apparel

Tom Sachs and Pork
Cecilia, Sarah and I post pork-banquet having cereal ice cream at Milk
New York is burning

My last night in NY was a blast from the past, spending time with a childhood friend who now lives in NYC,Monique and Paulie was supposed to meet us too but he was too jetlagged.  Drinks at Kittichai where I got to catch up with one of my first patrons, Jean Marc then Monique, Saks and I then went along to La Barra to eat tacos and join Popo.  The next day was LA for me . . . en route to Coachella.

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