Thursday, 22 April 2010

Coachella Calling

My first trip to the Californian desert, my first music festival as Hyde Park O2 Festival does not count.  A roadtrip at 6 am with Jeff, driving parallel to John of Dita and Miguel of de la Barracuda.  What a trip . . . probably one where pictures (and a couple captions) speak louder than words . . . Great weather (hot and dry), great food! (yes, macro biotic salads and Kogi), great company, new friends, pool parties, a carnival and let's not forget the most amaaaazing acts with the backdrop of the great Californian desert and palms trees.  Coachella Calling . . .

Day 1
the drive
carrot cake at Manhattan in Palm Springs
Games on Pedro Winters' lawn
our house
Coachella before the maddening crowd
I heart Barracuda
She and Him
Golden Hour day 1
Fish Tacos
Vampire Weekend
Warren and Seb
Seb and I
Fireworks and Beyonce
Day 2
Blue Coyote
Anthem Pool Party
Jeff, Joel and John
John, Me and Jeff
Joel and Katie K.

Tim Biskup and I
The xx
Coachella is burning (but was saved pretty quickly)
Kogi (roaming Korean/Mexican food)
My fave pic
The Dead Weather
Day 3
Anthem Le Lagoon
Bruce Wayne
Amy Winehouse
Gary, Rini Toby and I
Brian Bell, Joel K and Ramsi
Saga and Miguel
Final sunset . . .
Thom Yorke

See you in 2011 Coachella . . . :)

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