Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Shakespeare Must Die . . .

is the new feature film from Ing K (of Citizen Juling and My Teacher Eats Biscuits). It is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth where Ing kept the Bard's imambic pentatemeter in her Thai translation, it is a political thriller of which is as much satire of the political situation of Thailand as it is a harsh criticism of it.  It does not take much imagination to guess who is Macbeth and Lady M in the context of Thai politics but low and behold, there are twists in this adpation and layers . . .in fact the movie will function on 3 dimensions - in real life, in the theatre and on TV.  It is perhaps ironic that at present Bkk has been somewhat taken hostage and we are in a political quagmire that is complex at best, futile at worse but perhaps a necessary part of the growing pains of our nation. . .how much of the movie which is being filmed now is mimicking real life? Again, art imitating life . . but oddly at parallel times.  
If Shakespeare represents the freedom of expression and personal rights and freedoms, any leader who says that he must die is very wicked . . .Many theories, many answers but the one that is most enlightening is perhaps that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. . . thus no room for freedom, none at all.

on set
I make my screen "debut" as one of the 3 witches - I came to understand that wicked these witches were not, but actually they are catalysts for the exposure of truth, the ugly side of human nature and absolute power.  They are forces and parts of nature that inspire like muses for events to unfold and for what is meant to be to . .
Witch #1
tree of spirits
Me and the Director
witches and Macbeth
My inspiration to make my little debut was that I really wanted to undestand how the whole process worked, seeing as I have of really been inspired by teh people in it and seen more films.  It was really fun, the whole crew was awesome, it really is incredibly hard work, painstaking but so fun and fulfulling in many ways - 
P'Ing with P'Manit (Director of Photography) in front of painting by Chartchai (on set)

kids on set (actors)
a little preview of the movie . . . seeing as they do not wrap up for another month and then there is the whole festival process might be a while before this is at any theatre around here and well, let's see if Shakespeare (or what he represents in reality) is murdered . . .

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  1. Dear Witch 3, what a charming, provocative and appealing insight.... sounds intriguing and tantalizing. I love your take on the witches being facilitators of truth, this is very fresh! Images are amazing, gorgeous and I eagerly await to be entertained and enlightened....Best wishes for every success!