Saturday, 24 July 2010

A sailboat and the Man in the Iron Mask

We went sailing courtesy of Grey Goose, on a divine 20 foot sailboat with Francois, Eric and Marie Rose . . .it was wonderful . . .

I particularly liked the deck . . . and the bleached wood.

And there is no denying, we do love the French Riviera . . . I would say 30 oysters chucked for just us and Petrossian caviar and blinis was a nice touch. Grey Goose layed the luxury on pretty thick . . .we loved that the caviar came in little hoops that said "eggciting". Sailing around St. Tropez would have been nice but we would not have gotten to see the prison where the man in the iron mask of history and legend, who to Alexandre Dumas was King Louis XIV's twin brother, was held . . .

We sailed into the sunset, I do like the pace of life on the water and the fact that one can really breath.

I wonder what it would take to have sticky rice, somtum and chicken from soi polo transported to us . . . apparently they have a motorcycle delivery service, I wonder if that extends to the Med, now that really would be rather something, Petrossian x Jae Gee, someone should try that sometime.

The thing with being on this amazing boat and just rolling along on the water is it awakens you to the simplicities in life (or at least it did to me), that it really can just be so simple and it is freedom that is perhaps the biggest luxury of all. If only I did not forget my bikini and I could have jumped into the water as the sun was beginning to sleep.

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