Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Celestial Lights

or an Earthly version thereof is what I witnessed as the clock struck midnight to welcome January 1st 2011, or 1/1/11. The fireworks display on the Chao Phraya river was magnificent, esepcially when on our boat was right next to the launch pad.

Nanda, Barto, Jeremy, P'Mook and Jack together with our foam takeaway from Taling Pling and my big bubbles blower docked at Saphan Taksin a rather large wooden boat that James, Prom and Joni organised. Floating up river is always joyous, to come back down and wait for the light show that rings the new year, even more so.

How can one get sick of fireworks - ever?

It is brilliant I rather liked being right underneath the lights, almost like golden lightdrops on our heads.

And they can be kind of cute as well, a contrast from the golden drops - the psychedelic scribbles in the sky. The golden drops were The Oriental's . . .to be expected I think - golden. The colourful doodles against the dark dark blue of night The Shangri La's.

What fun. Happy New Year!

FYI, Bangkok during the holiday season is blissful - no traffic, cool weather, friends in town from wherever en route to somewhere else in Thailand. I think I am not hallucinating but Thailand seems to be where it is all happening at the moment . . . it's not perfect but is rather exciting at the moment. Let's see what 2011 has in store for it.

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