Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Journey of a Wardrobe and Oliver Clegg

Another genuis feat by Louis Vuitton where art is fused with commerce in such a way that in my opinion embraces the reality that the two cannot exist too long without one another.

In this case, it is The Journey of a Wardrobe series which Louis Vuitton Malletier commisioned Todd Selby to do that is so true to the spirt of travel which is totally Louis Vuitton and also that of adventure and discovery in hidden corners in Paris, London, NY, Tokyo and Shanghai that is so charming and engaging. The Journey of a Wardrobe is a visual dialogue between Todd and certain individuals, be it designer/actor Waris and hotelier/man of great vision Andre Balazs in NY or an artist/good friend of mine :)Oliver Clegg in London.

Todd has managed to capture Ollie at his natural, cheeky yet intense best - you get to see Ollie as an artist, his work and his inspirations.

At the same time, Vuitton is selling the wardrobe and luggage that the clothes should come in. Wonderfully effective, and visually very pleasing - not just Todd's photographs but the drawings and the whole website. And to think, this is a little travel guide and a look book . . .

It certainly is a Journey of a Wardrobe, a lovely journey and how lucky it is for that Wardrobe to be in the hands of Todd Selby.

Photos by The Selby courtesy of Oliver Clegg

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