Saturday, 19 June 2010

Bon Voyage. . .

said Grey Goose Vodka to me for I recently won this trp which is part of their World's Best Journeys campaign. Many have wondered how on earth I won this 7 day extraganza - well, I simply registered after the last party they had which was this big black tie thing. A couple months later, on the morning that I returned from Coachella. . . I received a phone call from P'Moe, the Senior Brand Manager of Grey Goose who said "congratulations" and at that point I was yet able to put together that I had won this trip. The trip is a 7 day extravaganza which Quintessentially would facilitate which includes a stay at the Plaza Athenee, a private tour of the Louvre, chef's table at Alain Ducasse, dinner at Nomiya, a stay at the La Prairie spa, a visit to the Chanel No. 5 factory in Grasse, a little cruise on the French Riviera before returning back to bkk (and hopefully some time to spend with my peeps seeing as it is Couture week after all) - I am told these are just highlights. I was actually on skype with Lynn when I received the phone call so I really could not get away with not taking her with me - then again, she is also like my little sister.

What is even more intersting is after speaking to P'Moe, it became apparent that she is keen to do get something started . . . seeing as this will be all about art, fashion, a certain lifestyle that very much takes seriously the New Order . . .let's see what we will be able to do together. The other night was a start, Grey Goose threw me a rather large Winner's Party, big certainly as it was at Falla Bella. What was fabulous and well, really made it rather a special night were all my friends who showed up and really stayed and suffered the next day or the other friends who have long retired from going out and made special appearances (you know who you are). Thank you! (will post proper pics of us somewhere soon in cyberspace).

Albert and I
They made me a special cocktail called Femme Fatale which had lychee and strawberries and of course vodka, fuschia in colour and the first to go. I LOVED how Maft Sai brought something different to Falla Bella, especially that he put on Sylvia Striplin - Can't Turn me . Then we moved our friends inside to Monkey bar. . . that's when Lynn took over . . .

Grey Goose love
Lynn and I
Especialy loved how there was nowhere I could look once we entered Monkey Bar where it it was not a friend :) . . .

Aom, Ed, Me
Ploi and Eddy
Of course the Disaya crew were there in full force, my ex assistant is now designing at there with Aom or Disaya. She is a genius (they both are). My 1940's dress with the hair was courtesy of her, and the contrasting Hope Graf bracelet. I love. I also want to look like that always but that would take far too much work ;)

high lights were Joe Le Taxi and Surfin' USA, it also be Vudi's bday and Pette's performance on the pool table.

Lee and I

To think and this is only the beginning. . .

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