Thursday, 7 October 2010

Paris Fashion Week SS 11 by day . . .

Paris in the day consists of shows (usually in a cool dark room) and strolling around, the days were not too hectic for me and consisted of hanging at Doors Studio with Boyy and Jesse where they were showing the Boyy SS 11 collection . . .and gong to the odd show and strolling and catching up with friends (who are in fashion). As far as I am concerned, as they are concerned, a big part of fashion is the fashion world and the fashion world convergs on Paris a few times a year, to "catch up" with one's fashion family (to that is Susan Bender, Daniella, Corto, Popo and Alex) and in some cases brainstorm as to what to do next and really have a blast. . .

We could learn a few things or two with the upcoming Bkk Fashion Expo here in Thailand - like the network exists, the world is there, if we want to be in it, a good start is to visit that world and assimilate as opposed to try to create a parallel one that is out of context . . . Fashion shows to me is about relevance and context and ultimately vision, to regurgitate and to create a derivative is useless and ultimately is rendered obselete. What I saw this season was a yearning by fashion to be relevant and to inspire without being too complicated, what I did see did confirm that there is an effort to touch and feel and be. Reading Suzy Menkes' on point reviews also confirms that fashion is struggling and tuning itself to the 21st century, it is adjsuting and really, I hope this is the dawn of a new era (Galliano's Dior considered wearable and a quick sell is something rather new - like it or not).

What has changed since the last time I was at the collections is the army of "photographers" and bloggers in front of a show, it takes a good ten minutes to make it to the etnrance.


Alex's back drop to cheeky Betty Page girls in playful dresses and trenches. Not rocket science by any means and hardly challenging but a definite nod to disposable fashion and that girls do want to have fun and testiment that yes, the king of decadence can be commercial but keep a charm and sensibility which is his. Vibrant colour palette, mega wearable, if the ipad had a cart button linked to the show, Dior would have been very happy. The fact that the collection to some might be somewhat "low brow" and silly maybe goes to show that they might take all of this a bit too seriously? I mean, come on, the girls were hot, the dresses were cute and Aloha to that . .

Viktor and Rolf was good fun - Burea Betak set up . . . great shoulders, cute shirts . . .

Then John Galliano - a visual feat . . . in the Opera comique . . . absolutely stunning to me she is the ultimate muse, down trodden but still devoted to inspiring, her mix of chinoserie with lace, gauze and glitter and sequins, forever fabulous, forever held by the allure of the artist and the opera . ..

Judging from the press that has been around the last couple days - all must hail the master Karl and of course Monsieur Alber . . .comme toujours . . . and of course . . Givenchy . . .

Then there are the little day time cocktails and press events .. . .I only went to Marc Jacobs by Hugo Scott's invitation, met the CEP Robert Duffy who is especiallly charming, uber intelligent and totally toally got his thing down. Rather inspiring.

Me, Hugo and Susan

Then of course, Corto . . .

and all roads do lead back to either the Cafe Castiglione, Cafe Ruc or Colette .. .oui, c'est la vie during fashion week.

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