Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Bkk Eats - Thai - Rajdamri/Siam

My fave Thai restos near Lumpini Park all the way up to Siam Square. Terribly convenient if one will go shopping as Ratchprasong up to Siam is shopping centrale or if one fancies a stroll in Lumpini Park.

Jae Gee Fried Chicken
Fried chicken that I grew up with - this is an institutional hole in the wall for Esarn (northeastern) food in the same soi as the Polo Club. Gets extremely busy at lunch but worth the wait, is open all day and even for dinner though I prefer it in daylight.

My faves:
Fried chicken and fried garlic - to-die-for

Som-tum - papaya salad - you can customise this to your taste

Soup Nor Mai - Bamboo Shoot salad - rather strong taste but good if you are into this kind of thing

Larb - roasted rice salad with various types of meet, they have an interesting one with friend chicken instead of chopped chicken, pork or duck

see krong soup - like a tom yum with pork and lemongrass and chilli- really good

Yum Pla Dook Foo - fried cat fish with shredded raw mango salad

Open daily from noon till 8 pm (?)
Address: Soi Polo
Phone number: (to follow) and they do deliveries which is so wonderful
PS. to eat with sticky rice

Spice Market at the Four Seasons Hotel
A different thing from the super casual hole in the wall Jae Gee. Good Thai food especially for something a bit smarter. The food is really quite Thai for a hotel Thai resto and is delicious, you can tell them to not tone it down if looking for more authenticity. What's great is that you can sit at Aqua outside Spice Market and order from the other restos at the Four Seasons. At lunch, they do "street food" with noodles and Thai nibbly bits

My faves:
Nam Prik Noom - northern dip of green chilli and garlic with grilled chicken, veggies and pork crackling

Gaeng Phed Ped Yang - Roast duck red curry - very good here

Pak Boon Fai Daeng - stir fried morning glory - love the way they separate the leaves and stalks

All the salads are pretty good - I like the egg plant salad, pomelo salad and the fried morning glory with mango dip

Thai tea ice cream!

Open: daily for lunch and dinner (last orders 10 pm).
Address: The Four Seasons Hotel, Rajdamri
Phone Number: 02 126 8866 (reservation highly recommended for dinner)

The original is at the Peninsula Plaza next to the Four Seasons, another one opened at Gaysorn Plaza down the road and is on the 2nd floor. Good food, convenient, nice pitstop - a casual lady's who lunch kind of place.

My faves:
Boat noodles - the perennial favourite of Provence - it's really good - choose from pork, beef or fish (the fish one is not as good) with noodles or without noodles, the thickness of the soup is not for everyone, rich and fragrant.

Fresh spring rolls - thai style.

Roast duck - again, thai-style

Open - noon till 8 pm - much better for lunch
Address: the fancier one at Peninsula Plaza or the little branch at Gaysorn Plaza.

Erawan Tea Room
Again, a nice little pit stop at the Erawan complex attached to the Grand Hyatt. Lovely for afternoon tea, the afternoon tea set of Thai nibbles is nice. The music selection is weird and there are lots tourists as one would expect in that area but it is pleasant, nice atmo, smack in the centre and have cute silver tea sets. I would go there for late lunch or tea. Not really for a serious meal as the name would suggest

Open daily
Address: 2nd Floor Erawan

Somtum Nua
A favourite for students and shoppers. Always a queue, always packed and loud. Another hustle bustle place but in air conditioning and designed to feel like you are in wooden shack (whether it succeeds is another question). One of those places worth the wait.
It's a modern take on Esarn food. It has every kind of "tum" one can imagine, salads and soups and a good friend chicken (my fave still Jae Gee but this is a good one too). Level of spiciness can be customised!
My fave:
Tum - Mua - a some tum where they add vermicelli, pork crakcling and everything in there. Delicous

Address: Siam Square Soi 4

Egg tarts, egg tarts and egg tarts - need I say more? My fave egg tarts in Bkk, almost as good as Lisboa in London (not been to Macau or Lisbon so cannot compare). . . flaky filo pastry, choice of egg white or egg yolk filling. Even mini tarts. The butter bread is also delicious. I like to accompany my egg tart with a lod chong drink - a coconut and syrup drink with ice and vermicelli . . .kind of like an iced pudding drink

Address: Siam Square Soi 3

The restaurant at Jim Thompson House - Thom
The JT House is one of those establishments that is up there on the tourist to-do's. It is sometimes over looked as being just that, the reality however is that the Art Foundation is amazing, the house is gorgeous, there is a library and arts centre reachable by klong boat and a hop from National Stadium BTW and umm, the food is fantastic!

The grounds close by sunset so it is a good place for lunch or tea.

I like the lunch set - you can't go too wrong here - they have kind of chosen the best of the menu for you. I had the one with pad si-ewe fried noodles that comes with papaya salad on the side - delicious.

Open daily from noon till 6 pm
Address: Jim Thompson House

All of these restaurants, except for Jae Gee are connected by BTS and the skywalk which cuts Ratchprasong junction - that's downtown bkk, smack in the middle of everything - eat and shop, eat and shop . . . or watch a movie if you fancy.

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