Monday, 15 November 2010

More Than a Hoodie . . .

Yeah, that's right . . .it's MY HOODIE! My own customised Nike AW77 hoodie . . . Jeed invited me to go along to the Athletics Club to personalise my own hoodie, courtesy of Nike Thailand. So I went along to the Athletics Club and had my little session. The Athletics Club is a new sneaker shop and space, the kind that a few years ago during my (rather long) Air Force 1 craze I would've killed to have in Bkk, so very happy that it now exists even though they don't really order in the super fly kicks for girls, especially not Air Force 1's, it's sad, but I guess it's because Bkk girls don't wear kicks especially not big heavy ones like the aforementioned AF1's (they remain my faves, always). What Nike do have in Bkk, even if the choice of kicks is a bit limited for my taste, is great apparel and of late, the designs are looking fab . . . especially now that you can differentiate from the masses with your own little touch.
The hoodies for this AW77 project are great, the terry cloth weight just right and straight silhouette that is just right. They gave me a small, I had to change it for a medium, small hoodies never work for me, my take on it is that it needs cover you, wrap around you almost and the hood has to be oversized. The hoodie has always been indispensable for me, day to night, for travelling, to sleep sometimes even. The oversized thing is a throwback for me to the idea of the boyfriend's hoodie, or the boyfriend's shirt . . .it needs to drape almost, and I want to be able to hide in it, as far as colour is concerned. . .this time I went for heather grey all the way . . .even though the pink was a bit tempting.

The whole idea was to use the badges available to make your own design. At first I fancied the idea of covering my entire hoodie with little badges like the ones you get as a Brownie/Girl Scout, as honours, however, my eyes are hungry for ornament but my appetite might not be as large, ultimately, I am a minimalist, and less is more, except for the little funny details.

I settled for these little badges . . . the big one on the pocket says victory and was designed by a Thai artist. The whole AW77 series includes badges that were created by artists all over teh world to capture the essence of the local street culture so each badge has a story.

And two little pink honour badges on my shoulder . . .one symbolic of the great outdoors and the other one headphones and decks . . . all in pink of course.

I couldn't really stay to wait for the glue to dry and will just for them to deliver the piece to me. As seen from the pics below, it is definitely oversized . . . and is going to fast become one of my fave things to wear, especially with heels.

So from my "Bangkok Against the World" t-shirt that I made in NY at Nike to this "victory and honours" hoodie that will accompany me on adventures from day to night, wherever . . . Nike just went and done it again. Wonder what's next . . .pretty pleeease let it be Bridgerunners Bkk.

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