Tuesday, 21 December 2010

DUDE SWEET . . .I'm 8 years Old!

Congrats to DUDESWEET and it's founder Note and his peeps for 8 years of fun fun fun . . . it's 8th bday was celebrated on Friday 18th, a night of unexpected cool breeze in Bkk at Club Culture in the old part of town.

For me, the night started off at Blue Velvet with the Bangkok FAshion Society's annual x mas bash. The theme this year was super heroes. It was kind of funny. I was catwoman/bunny rabbit/hooded villain of some sort. P Rong's all white gi joe get up was awesome, as was A's actual talking Deceptacon.

On Doy and I went to Ratchdamnoen to the new Club Culture near the Democracy Monument, I took the scenic route and we enjoyed the lights - to Dudesweet (I suppose the parties have become a bit of an institution after 8 years since it's very humble guerilla beginnings with Note djing from his cd's) . . . I felt like I was at a giant house party/club in the East End. BUT BETTER. Note was playing old tunes from the last eight years on the ground floor, Maft Sai and Chris Menist on teh 2nd with luk thung and funk, and the 3rd floor was some crazy heavy bands with body slammingand mosh pits. So fun!

I forgot to take a pic but there were even little "make-out" tents or what what supposed to be secret rest tents . . .very cheeky.

Here, pics probably speak louder than words . . .oh and as it was Dudesweet's 8th bday . . there were balloons and confetti!

I was guilty of throwing a few balloons down before the final countdown though I think Note asked for them for atmo though the culprit who throw the whole lot down was definitely not me and Doy. Hmmmm. I know that I saved a red balloon for Lee for a very long time, it was annoying that it popped though finally.

When it was time to go home, I was gutted. My phone was lost and found. Gene showed up in lace shorts. What a night!!


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