Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Big Number

30 is a big number, well, I have always thought of it as a rather big number, age-wise that is. The pressure of throwing a big 30 bday bash was rather large but in the end I opted for dinner and a little street party RMA* style where I celebrated turning 30 with good friends and loads of food and alco. It was definitely the combination of P Ing's sweet and addictive pineapple mojito, P'Oun's porksticks, Bo of Bo.lan's salads, noodles from P'Oh's fave noodle spot, Sai Oua northern sausage that P'Joei and Teem hooked me up with that made for such an enjoyable night.

Bday portraits. . . .

Other highlights were homemade cupcakes by Jelly Jan, all 31 of them with separate candles (extra one for good luck), my second cake which was Pette's victoria sponge and third which was Pim's peanut butter cheesecake! 3 cakes, that really should last a whole month.

As the month of March draws to a close, I look back and think, maybe it is just a number but a really great excuse to celebrate (and on a more serious note, grow up).

*RMA Institute is Piyatat Hemmatat's (P'Oh) space, it is sort of like my second home. It is here that P'Oh has an office - secluded and calm oasis of dim light, great sound system and a wonderful record collection that he passionately adds to with the help of Amazon. It is also home to a wonderful free space where artists can show work, performance artists can perform and filmmakers can screen movies with the wonderful projector. Outside is the garden cafe where Bo and Dylan of Bo.lan throw together fresh ingredients for brunch and lunch everyday except Mondays. I am addicted to their truffled poached eggs and their mega creative salads. Bo made this amazing fennel and orange salad for my bday. Last but not least, let's not forget Dukdik, the resident Princess, a true Cinderella of a Thai pup. Love her.

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