Friday, 4 March 2011

Island Love

The final installment of the beginning of a new Act in a beautiful love story, the marriage of Waan and Eric. This time on the beach, at the Amanpuri.

A day of fun in the sun, Lynn then stressing over her speech for Waan as the best man P'Kamthon had since September to prepare his speech, and Lynn, since our arrival in Phuket, that morning.

Pasri and Nagara

The Amanpuri is still the epitomy of elegance, Ed Tuttle's design is timeless. The wedding started by Cocktails on the private deck . . . familiar faces, as P'Puoi puts it, deja vu to Bali perhaps, we then descended upon the beach.

Me (in homemade "Chomwan"), P'Opas, Waan (in gorgeous vintage Halston)
The way that Freddy, the manager, and his beautiful wife Lisa set up the "tent" and the entire evening, art directed by the ravishing Pasri Bunnag (Eric's mum) was spectacular. Subtle yet perfectly done. One is greeted by a sea of soft light, hundreds of candles on the beach then strands of orchids blowing in the wind, attached of to a frame but it was dark so it looked like strands of fresh orchids softly lit in orange swaying in the wind and floating in darkness.

Harry and I
The speeches were brilliant. . . Lynn's sweet and touching as the bride's friend and P Kam's speech as best man, witty and very funny. My favourite line was, "Men are like floor tiles, if you lay them right the first time around, you can walk all over them". Whether or not that is true, you tell me. . .

Lynn and Waan post-speech
Pasri and Bill Booth
Khun Yai Pasri and P'Puoi

Fireworks went off in the distance as the speeches finished, almost as if they were planned especially for Eric and Waan. It is bizarre that this occasionally happens and so timely.
Me and Pasri
The crew of Mahapetra with the bride and groom

Drinks and dancing under stars on the beach, gossiping with the parents listening to them recount old stories until they ushered us upstairs for more celebrations.
Pasri and Jean Michel walking away to sleep
The "procession" where we lined up to toss flowers to the bride and groom was so sweet and the throwing of the bouquet.

Then as the party moved elsewhere on the property, we went to send off the bride and groom to the dingy to get on the MahaPetra, Khun Yai Pasri's and Jean Michel's wooden boat where the couple would sail into the sunrise. It felt very Armani/Calvin Klein to me, champagne, linen shorts and long flowing dresses, straight out of a Peter Lindeburg shoot, romantic and gorgeous. Old fashioned romance.

Next day recovery, I had to have the customary club sandwich (as I do when I stay at a hotel), there is no disputing that the food at the Aman rocks (the wedding banquet testament to this), especially with their healthy touch. The Club was off the menu, very good, very fresh and manages to be elegant of sorts though it's really the gazpacho that rocks my world.

black pool

I decided to decamp to Phuket town to stay in one of those little boutique spots that I have so long wanted to experience. It was not a disappointment as I loved the little Casa 104 . . .

Casa 104
A morning breakfeast of more yellow curry (after the night before's feast at raya) then onwards to the sea once more, this time to Yao Noi.
Me and Corto sombrero (last images as hat is gone - sobs)

A little taste of island love . . .Phuket island love . . .

What memories. I think this is what people mean when they say memories are made of these. . . LOVE.

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