Friday, 3 September 2010

Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Green. . .the end

After a couple of weeks, the mob returned to 100 Tonson Gallery, not the mob literally but those interested in P'Rirkrit's work. There was a panel discussion with a backdrop of revolution but this time, complete and very up-to-date (May 10th 2010 in all its glory) . . .

After the discussion, there was curry, red, yellow and green of course. . .

I arrived at 3.30 and left at 11 pm . . . bowls of curries, Singha beer when the rest of the country was banned from drinking (for a whole 30 hours) with an election the next day was a rather nice way to spend the day and nightin central bkk, for a moment it felt like summer in the city, any city but here, however, it is that it is here that the show had such an impact. I met some fascinating people, 8 hours is a long time to spend in a place if they were not, and have resolutely decided that there is no need to fear, red, yellow, or green as well as confirmed the fact that there is no such thing as a coincidence.
One really did need to savour the mural as it was taken down on Monday (48 hours after I arrived that day) - there is something at once tragic and beautiful about that, revolution to turn to black . . . 200 hours of work of work/drawing, a record of what actually happened, into a black wall. Maybe memory is a bit like that, out of sight - out of mind, I have a feeling P'Rirkrit's work is not really going to fade into oblivion though, even when the walls are black-washed, those events are too engrained in our collective memories. Oh and of course when you connect those hand-drawn images to the smell of curry boiling away in a confined space, well, that's what memories are about right? and to have actually seen the mural grow too, the passage of time, so strange, all of that to be erased. Yet you can't quite shake the fact that you were actually there, at some point in time and some of those moments you can't ever forget.

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