Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Pluto in Paradise

Pluto is Nat Sarasas's long haired Chihuahua, Paradise is Nat's hideaway, Six Senses Yao Noi. I met Pluto at the airport, like a dysfunctional and eccentric family, we went to the Hilltop Reserve, so plan/car/boat. . . . Russell Williamson and O (Dr O - our childhood friend who is awesome) were already there. Hereforth an unexpected weekend where Pluto the Chihuahua was the hero and we managed to get a little break from the smog and hectic life which is Bkk, and remarkable it certainly was that I could mellow out and sleep as much as I did. My first visit this year, it reminded me a lot of little Cleo and our little adventure last year.

Top of the world

The view at the Hilltop is like no other, there is not a chance ever that one can get sick of it, it is alive and different at every hour of the day and sometimes, as the storm comes in, the islands disappear . . . it looks like the islands are talking to each other and they still talk to each other for the most part in a storm but sometimes go behind curtains to do so . . .

The customary photo session on the ledge of the infinity pool. . . .

Nat in his usual spot . . .

Other activities . . .

Oh and let's not forget about the food, the club sandwich is the still the best ever but what blew our minds was the most spectacular Hotpot EVER, super fresh ingredients, a secret broth and sauc matched with Cloudy Bay . . . divine and mega food coma stuff.

The other thing I loved was the Roti shop that was open late night, it was like going into someone's home. Yao Noi is mostly Muslim, so Pluto needed to stay in the car whilst we had roti. There is something extremely beautiful and timeless with the way the Muslim community has created their homes in the south of Thailand and it is a unique culture and community, one which I would love to get to know a bit more, especially when roti and pulled coffee and tea tastes that good at the local Island Roti spot.

So truly a great weekend, Pluto even came to take naps from time to time in our room . . . he is probably more cat than dog, very cute nonetheless, I am a bit in love with him even though I am glad that he did not end up being my room mate being replaced at the very last minute.

The hardest thing about the weekend was leaving . . . but as Nat said, it will always be there :). Thanks Nat.

Nat and Pluto

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