Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Live Art Speed Date

Performance for a while now, is no longer left to the realm of the audience as a non-participant, where he/she watches in silence as the performers do their thing, express their art.  In Tokyo, I went to a speed dating session,with Stoke Newington International Airport, a group based in East London at an imaginary airport.  Their performance - Live Art Speed Date is perhaps less of a performance rather than a complete experience.  To see and be there is to believe . 

One enters Super Deluxe to be given instructions and date cards, the boys then demonstrate. . .  I got 5 dates in 5 different locations, all dates with various artists. . .an intimate 4 minutes where you engage and have a date, where you share a moment, no matter how planned it is on the part of the artist, each date is different, it has to be.  One enters the realm of intentional accidents and the unknown.  Where does reality begin and make believe start? is it at the end of 4 minutes? What they create is a platform, where you get your own personal performance, that as "date" feels like a personal experience.  

My first date was with an artist who caressed my hand under a table and together we traced our hands with crayons . . .it was beautiful.
On another, I was told by the girl that she "noodles me" and she performed a solo ouvre whilst preparing my cup noodles of which as my initials are CW she added Chocolate and Whipped cream of which she proceeded to feed to me.  .. .wow.

Then the bar code birl uuu.co . . where through the scan of a barcode she played me songs

Then the paper theatre from London where threw SKYPE they made me a story with me in it . .

And last but not least, a date that Paul and I crashed was Cherry Taiphoon, a burlesque Japanese rather chubby lady who took us to a cubicle  . . .need I say more?

Maybe I am saying too much . . .maybe too little . . .and of course there was Chatroulette.

Whatever it is was - it was memorable and really absolutely wonderful.  I wonder when I will have another speed date again . . .

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