Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Piggy Tokyo

I had the pleasure of spending all of last week in Tokyo - a city which no matter how many times I have been I do not fail but feel like Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation, that might be a cliche by now but it is true.  The little quirks, the contrasts, the obsessiveness that makes it Tokyo - oh how I love it. 

I was a delagate of the British Council, representing MCOT, for the Tokyo Performance Arts Market and The UK's Connected showcase.  It was brilliant albeit exhausting. I really opened my eyes but more on that later . . . It is overwhelming the sites and sounds . . .especially when one is watching 3-4 performances a day . . .more on that later.

First thing was first though . . .food, and well, the Isetan food market is reason enough to relocate to Tokyo . .I thought this was genius . . .loove.
Cheesy Piggy

Also, Maisen . . .always my first stop, an institution of a Tonkatsu place, enough so to have its own road . . .and of course, I should bump into my co-patriots from Thailand, a dozen of them, making  a little stop in Tokyo after skiing. . . .

a Farmer's market below Chanel

pop-up Kitsune at Montoak

That is only day one.

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