Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Hide and Seek the Copper Mule

The story of the copper mule... (I love this)

Mr. Smirnoff vodka from russia was sitting at a bar in the us in the 1940's... Back then there was no vodka just caramel coloured whiskey and bourbon... The Americans had no clue how to drink this clear spirit called vodka... to drink it straight was just a bit weird... Then there was Mr. Ginger Beer, I'd like to think from Jamaica but he was probably Irish or something, which his drink, and no one knew what that spicy conconction was either or how to drink it. So the sister of the bar owner, who made copper mugs said "pour your white funny alco into my copper mug and u, your weird spicy beer into it too." So they mixed it up and sprinkled some lime - it was probably in the summer.... The little copper mug had a mule engraved on it....  Hence, the Mule . . .and the rest is history.

Their 1940's taste probably found the drink rather delicious.. As did their children and their children because we still drink the Mule to this day... Hyde and seek has Smirnoff copper mule mugs (which they guard dearly)... I'm engraving my name on one of those mugs and defo hiding it somewhere to seek on a bright sunny day.

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