Monday, 1 February 2010

Northern Exposure

I finally made the long overdue trip to Chiangmai - our northern kingdom famous for art, culture and yummy food . . . it was a short little trip but well worth it and definitely varied.  A friend recently bought a house up there and had to deal with some domestic issues so I went along - stayed at the cutest little boutique hotel called At Niman - and indulged in a weekend of Chiangmai-ness, it felt like my first time, it has been a decade after all . . . 

It felt a bit like Florence especially being by the river with all those students and all that art.  Chiangmai the Florence of Thailand, that makes sense though, it's north after all.  

on the river, big fig tree

Awesome little jazz spot, hole in the wall . . .
The Northgate - a jazz co-op
the co-op's little pets
Ananda, P'Tuy and a Harley

I do wonder if there is a touch of fate in the fact that I bumped into my manucurist from years back who had moved there and well, she took care of my nails and then took me around on her scooter all day, shopping, tea at the Chedi then to join my friend Ananda (the owner of the house I refer to above) and his cousin at a wonderful antiques place called Crossroads.  
fairies shop
This is Art gallery
The Chedi and I
my favourite mask at Crossroads
our lovely host opens a bottle of pauillac from '99 - not so shabby

Maybe it is a sign, there is no coincidence after all, then again, there were plenty of Bangkokians up north this weekend, what with P'Tuy's Seed concert and Fat Festival and fine weather - a sign that beckons me to the north or perhaps it is just a mass exodus. 
Such a charming place - people are NICE and it was way too short thus a major incentive to go back. . . 

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