Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Bye Bye Raindogs

Saying good bye to an institution is always hard . . .especially when the circumstances are rather tragic, in this case the death of its owner and bidding adieu seems premature . . . that is the case with Raindogs, that little derelict haunt with the best music in town underneath the expressway.  I think of TV on the Radio's Lovedogs when I think Raindogs for some reason.

Anyway, Raindogs stands alone, Raindogs showed art docs about Bacon and Koons, Raindogs hosted Zud Rangma's Paradise Bangkok . . . a treat since I went to my first one some time back with Piyatat and we have been to every single one thereafter, with the little souvenirs to show for it.

Thank you Raindogs for showing me that funk, raggae, luk tung, molam, hip hop can fuse into a harmonious whole . .  . for Paradise Bankok, the journey to the express way and also beer drinking on the terrace with the sound of toads providing the melody when we don't want to go inside and showing that there is more to Bangkok than what there seems to be.

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