Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hyde and Seek . . . .

Hide and seek is a game about a search and the winner is the one who seeks and hopefully finds a gem. . . this is the case of this very bijoux little gastro pub, called Hyde and SEek in Bkk.  Hyde for the fact that is behind Bkk's version of Hyde Park and Seek for all the nooks and crannies, a the playful twist of dining, and it is a pub after all.

Without doubt the best drinks in town are brought by Flow and pub grub by Ian Chalermkittichai of Kittichai NY. The cozy interior fits around 40 and is conceptualised by BUG and the large terrace decked out by Bill Bensley.  It is particularly jovial around the bar where the bartenders wear bibs inspired by mechanics' overalls in old movie, the waitresses wear belted oversized shirt dresses and the boys, tapered trousers and hidden houndstooth trimmed shirts, all designed by yours truly (a little past time that I engage in since a few years back when I did Ian's restaurant in NY, Kittichai, Nobu Berkeley in London and a few others).

It is dark with a childlike charm to it - it reminds me of Laduree mixed Pastis with a touch of The Cow . . Dad said defo a posh pub and not the type he used to visit in his uni days in England.  

Other than for my own vanity - watching the staff is like watching my own mini fashion show... (though I am still tweaking bits) I would not frequent a spot so much that the waitress says "I have not seen you in ages" after 3 days if it was not rather nice. It's a clandestine little haunt me and my friends . There is a special drink there, created by Chanond, it's called the double black.... It fuels the night and in the last month I have enjoyed some of the best most entertaining moments... 

And the food? First time I went was for a tasting more than a month ago....  and now with the temporary menu done to perfection and the full monty being launched shortly... suffice to say, I have a few favourites.  These are the wagyu beef burger, the poached salmon, the english salad and to die for and must try pannacotta.

Pow and Wagyu burger

Paulie said we kept it in the fam (smirnoff black complete with faberge egg at the bar)... I suppose we did in a way...  The closest thing to a mom and pops in downtown bkk .... A thai english dandy, suave swedes, a celebrity thai chef from ny, BUG and me... A raggidy mix probably rather suitable for a little pub. 

Hyde and Seek is located at the Plaza Atheneee Residence on closer to the Ruamrudee side. . .see you there. :)

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