Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Just Done It

Note (of Dudesweet) threw a party to help Haiti . . . at the party you buy a t-shirt in order to donate money . . . the entrance fee and beer money went to the Red Cross too.  They raised 50,000 not bad for a wednesday night out. . .Well done Note!

It was a really fun and I was with some of my favourite people, namingly my first mentor/guru Opas who I see once a year. . .  he taught me a lot of what I know and continues to do so. And Gene of course . . . what a happy night and for a cause.

Opas and I I-D moment
Oh, the music was also totally fantastic, if they put that kind of stuff on more often, I would go out more and actually dance.  We heart Tul for putting on the The Rapture, MJ, The Gossip etc. 

A few nights later Diplo dj'ed at 808 too . . .that was fun, my new t-shirt came along again, but unlike the DJ Premier set a few months back, I can't sit through an hour and a half of hard electro even if hip hop is waiting at the end.  

Nat and Wesley (aka Diplo)

Diplo or Wesley was a sweetheart and his manager, was his name Greg? Not sure but he looked a bit like Jesus . . .


Him and I (our pet :) )

So the place was rocking . . .I wonder when he will come back to Bkk again and next time for more than 10 hours. Thank you my darling Paulie for a pass. Tatler is letting me write an article about DJ's . . . so stayed tuned for that. :)

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