Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The other Tokyo . . .

outside the realms of TPAM and Connected is yet another world . . .I have some friends in Tokyo that I caught up with and some new friends that I made . . .this is the Tokyo beyond the isolated world of performance.  It really was an eye opener . . .  the techniques that are used in performance to engage the audience, I suppose theatre did come before TV after all.  Some things are about the small intimate experience, so much so that one needs to touch and feel it, no matter what exposure facebook or a blog can give you maybe in the end it is about actually BEING there.  I fell in love again with Tokyo this time because I got to touch and feel it . . . and this is when one realises that it is what you do as well as well as you who you meet whilst doing it that makes the difference . .The journey and those mysterious encounters.

Okonomo Yaki . . .a new discovery with Takeshi, Yukie and Takehiro

The Stoke Newington boys . . . after their morning at Tsukiji . . .then on the train . . .(Gregor and I did not go to the market)
Literally lost in translation on the JR

Home Alone (an exhibition in Daikanayama)
Ped and Tommy at Dita store

A secret wine theatre with Yuki
Surfing in Chigasaki
rocking the wet seal look - Takeshi, Tommy and I (with my amaaazing Malia Jones Typhoon board which Takeshi has kept for me)

amazing organic buffet after surfing

Hello Kitty, Yuki and I (Yuki was not even supposed to be in Japan so it was a wonderful surprise and amazing to catch up, and she totally spoilt me as well - thanks Yuki for Donkey, Tatami, sashimi and funny tokyo moments)

Bye bye Tokyo
On the Narita Express Limousine I overheard some kids talk about the Vanity Fair Oscars party a skating and surfing trip and a big tour . . .I figured the kid must be some pro skater/snowboarder or soemting.  So out of interest, I asked Yuki via bbim if she had ever heard of or seen a shaggy redhead who sounded very charming and funny who was a pro skater or skier. . .well, her bf who is a skater said that it must be Shaun White.  Well, you see , I've not heard of Shaun White, nor has Yuki, and it turned out to be Shaun White . . . a prodigy and well, 2 time olympic snowboard champion and amazing pro-skater. There goes my street cred for admitting that - he was nice, funny and his publicist, very lovely.  There you go, one of those chance encounters . . . that may or may not become something . . . how cool would it be if finally him and all these people I met came to Bkk, even if it was just for a moment so we can see, touch, feel and get to kow all these things that we read out and hear about . . . That is the other Tokyo for me. Must bring it home . . .back to bkk. Thank you Tokyo. 

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