Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Nekobukuro - cats cats cats

Cats are really special, they have 9 lives and they see into the soul . . .or have some kind of sense, or so they say.  We know that cats are really special in Tokyo what with Murakami's "Kafka on the Shore" and of course the Maneki Neko who brings in fortune (the little cat that calls you in).  Well, in the depths of Ikebukuro where the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space is and where we stayed as that was where all the action was taking place, on top of Tokyo Hands is Nekobukuro . . .or a cat petting zoo.  

A cat in his house

There is nothing like it . . . it's like a zoo/pet shop but basically you go along and pet cats . . . the most bizarre experience EVER . . .and I suppose one of those curiousities unique to the city where if you  cannot keep a cat you can go and pet them and love them still.

Hiding Cat

My fave cat

I did this in between a dance performance and Live Art Speed Date . . .the performance by Contact Gonzo like nothing I have ever seen before . . .and then Live Art Speed Date . . .

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