Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Corto x Tom Binns

Tis the season for collabos . . .well, I suppose it is always the season for cool collaborations and this is an ILL collabo between Corto Moltedo and Tom Binns . . utterly surreal - totally COOL . .the first one strictly for collectors . . . Binns has not backed down on his punk couture and Gabriel has definitely not stopped making a statement with that C-Star of his. . .

The second one is more practical - . . .the gold dangling crosses and the chain mail and hardware . . it is so utterly rock and a bit goth, yet, minimalist and elegant at the same time.

Talk about oxymorons or a bunch of adjectives that do not seem to work together but in this case works seamlessly.  

The Susan clutches come in 2 designs and a limited of edition of 5 per design and even though they are made for order ONLY and will be ready next season, Corto has sold 3 out of 5 editions of both designs. . . and at 2800 Euros a pop - that's a rather sound investment indeed.

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