Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Letters to Uncle Boonmee

A surreal dialogue -a  personal letter to a hero, Uncle Boonmee, describing Nabua as it is now. . . slow moving, utterly hypnotic, familiar yet distant references . . . reminding us of where we come from and what happened in the past.  A subtle exploration of the idea of memory, the past and the now.  Apichatpong is a master of this art - story-telling . . . I would like to see this short film in the context of his entire installation . . . Primitive very soon.

This film was the prelude to Lheureux's I Forgot the Title and they added to each other - so different yet so similar in the way that it awakens memory, nostalgia and something in our sub-conscience.
The films will be screened once more at 11 am Sunday 15th November at the Bangkok World Film Festival at Paragon.  

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