Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Mundane History

The Opening Film of the Bkk World Film Festival was anything but mundane . . .again, as subtle as her contemporaries and just as still but with moments of "shock" in this case, personal histories or paralysation, far far from ordinary.  It evoked feelings that were buried deep inside me and certain scenes brought them forward and it was like an eruption of emotion, I was completely overwhelmed by these feelings . . . the bathroom scene where I could hardly look for I felt so bad, the constellation scene which was magnificent for its randomness and joy and the last explosion, so surreal and powerful, yet very very real and close to us a the same time. Any chronological order or system was completely and utterly dispensed with, us being taken along on a ride where time, history, past and present are completely irrelevant, the only thing evident was that sadness and pain are synonymous with unequivocal joy.  Anocha Suwichakonpong is one to watch.

Mundane History will screen once more this Thursday at 21.45 at the Bangkok World Film Festival at Paragon.

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