Thursday, 26 November 2009

Rose Tinted Lens

The world seen through the rose tinted lens of my Dita Ramblers.

Tommy O'gara of Dita said to me that he specifically chose the pink lens for me so the world can be pink and fluffy. It works. . . 

It was a day spent in old Bkk with Cleo and Martin (MMSSON) fabric shopping (in the rain) . . . then Martin acting as my fabric-walla to the shock of security guards . . .

 . . . loafing around Phra Athit road as the sky turned pink and even more so with the lens . . . dinner at Mr. Pas . . . - just as delicious as last time - though we have discovered that it is best and only works if we are the ONLY table.

We rolled back to new bkk from old bkk slowly - letting the transformation from old town into the one that we live in, on a day to day basis take over us . . .it is utterly surreal. 

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