Sunday, 15 November 2009

Lost Astronaut

A lost astronaut roams the streets of New York.. .the Lost Astronaut is artist Alicia Framis, making her New York debut with a performance-installation piece called "Lost Astronaut".  Alicia has dressed up as an astronaut and for 2 weeks, her daily activities are dictated by instructions from artists and authors including Mark Beasley,Shelley Jackson, Rita McBrade, John Menick amongst others. 

"Lost Astronaut [explores] the potentialities of living on the moon through the [activities of an] ironic, fictional… woman astronaut. Left on earth, like all women who were never part of the moon race, she settles into BaseCamp, [where] she will live for the 2 weeks of the biennial in a customized astronaut suit, among drawings and prototypes that aim to both parody and demand women’s presence on the moon."

It makes for an interesting and thought provoking project . . .the contrast and contradiction making fantastic imagery.  The concept behind actually questioning our roles. So my Astronauts in Africa are not too out of this world after all.  

Click here for more on the Lost Astronaut and her schedule.

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