Monday, 16 August 2010

Bali Bliss - The Jungle

Bali is called the Island of the Gods for good reason, the energy there is like nowhere else, it sucks you in and throws you out and sometimes can bring you to a miserable low and then other times it is like a life/energy booster in itself. No surprise really when there is jungle and river to beach and cliffs, mother nature in a good mood to give this island really everything it could ever need. It is magical. Even the swarm of Auzzie touriests and Euro-trash in the island in August does not take away from what it gave to me this time around.

First stop of my trip was Andrew's and Jonathan's Civil Union in Ubud and the origin of my trip back to Bali. The ceremony was at Linda Garland's estate where I was actually also staying with Susan. It was glorious - the energy was so powerful that I felt the hairs on my arms raised the whole time, I was not the only one. . . It was also a little reunion for me with close friends . . . It was definitely what could be called London, HK and New Zealand coming together. A civil union like no other . . .

Andrew and Jonathan
Giorgio and Saloni
Giorgio and Saloni

The ceremony and reception were beautiful and very sentimental. Andrew and Jonathan's attention to detail is quite something, and the Buffles napkins a treat, not to mention the outdoor screening of archives of daily life on the island from years back on film in the garden. Then the speeches of course, giggles and tears with Jackie Collins and Dynasty references, stories and true love.
Waking up at the estate is also something else, it is in the middle of the jungle, and on a river. Soul-food I think that is called. Not only was that enriching but so was the bubur ayam - an indonesian version of congee served with sambal mata, I am officially obsessed. Then the brunch back at Villa Tupai, a coordinated bbq with bloody mary's . . followed by a massage at the estate.

Burbur Ayam

Julie and Ruby (Andrew's sis and mum)
Maria and Susan
Linda the Masseuse

It was definitely hard to say good bye to our room and the estate the next day but the beach beckoned . . .

Our last stop before going to the beach . . . Babi Guling and the market. The BEST on the island. For sure.

Andrew and Jonathan, thank you for getting married guys, it opened up my heart and led me to be a hippie or at least version 2.0 for now. Inspired by your year-long travels. Congratulations Buffles.

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