Friday, 20 August 2010

Kiss My Reers

Reer is the offspring of Rabbit and Deer . . . enter the world of Pan Pan Narkprasert's Reer . . . the endearing story of good friends, a gay rabbit called Bunny and a lesbian deer called Cathy-O who manages through some inventive method to impregnate herself with Bunny (no contact). Upon entering H Gallery, you see a beautifully illustrated little story book, it tells the story, in the most endearing, seemingly innocent way of the two friends and their reer. Then you look closer and see all the tiny little absurdities and perverse sexual citations . . .then you realise that these cute little beasts are metaphors for something more than Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit and AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh although they were hardly normal animals either.

The walls of the gallery were adorned with Bunny, Cathy-O, and Reer and how he was made, drawings of anuses, a sculpture of Bunny and Cathy-O - sex and homosexuality glorified and celebrated. Not vulgar, perhaps shocking but at the same time soft and sincere. There is a Jakkai Sributr homage in the form of a fabric collage and a frame with drawings of Reer stretched about with thread where you see him being "singled" out Thai mob style.

Then one enters the next room and this is when the world in which Reer exists comes to life, there are Reers everywhere.

I found the photographs particularly strong for its composition and that menacing feeling that comes with shadow and silhouettes.

Pan Pan is a multi-disclinpary artist and the show includes a performance captured in film of a "monk" and sex toys . . .then there is Reer, all by himself, stretched out.

Reer is fluffy and soft with sparkling eyes (he likes oversized sex toys too), yet an outsider to the world of rabbit and deer, he is the product of sexual liberation and sheer perserverance and in the real world that we live, of imagination and creativity on Pan Pan's behalf.

Only 22, recently graduated from UCLA and back in Thailand, fresh young blood and with effervescent energy and this is his very first solo show. I went to see the works at his house a few months back and fell in love with the detail, the story, and just the mock cuteness of it all. The technique and skill set is there, his drawings are beautiful, no surprise when his mentors/teachers are Barbara Kruger and Catherine Opie (Cathy-O is inspired by the latter) and for this young-one, the theme can only progress, his world can only grow and become more complex. At the moment, it is one of liberation, of endless possibilities of hope despite being singled out and different, the future is bright . . .

H has a knack for finding that bright young thing, the opening was packed and honestly, I do not remember such a buzzing night at H's since a while ago. Congrats Pan Pan and my kisses to Reer.

Kiss My Reers is on at H Gallery Sathorn Soi 12 until August 29th.
Photos courtesy of Jan Sriyuksri

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