Monday, 23 August 2010

3-D Dior

Looking through my pictures of Paris I stumbled upon the pics of the Dior Couture show produced by Bureau Betak - a tight show, the girls became flowers, stunning. Even though the show was housed in what that day felt like a glass box (very hot), the flowers are a nice touch, especially when they are moving and in bloom.

It was more the fact that it was the first show to be filmed in 3D though that is very cool. Going back stage there was a screen and a bag of glasses . . .it was like you could touch them, the girls were like flowers.

The genius of Alex de Betak and John Galliano and the vision of the House of Dior. . . I am trying to imagine Alex's showreel in 3-D - it woudl be surreal.
Beautiful dresses captured by modern technology and brought to life one more time, this will undoubtedly change the way that fashion is shown. . .forever.

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