Friday, 20 August 2010

A Spa Called Evian

We wholly endorse the whole retox detox then retox regime, obviously Grey Goose does too because after a couple days of indulgence they shipped us to Geneva by train to transfer to Evian-les-Bains (yes, the Evian of the water).

we had a suite, it was cool . . .we watched the sun set over Lake Geneva and then we watched the World Cup.

The next day I had a little swim and then off we went to Montreux to La Clinique La Prairie, reputed to be one of the best spas in the world and home of La Prairie. One could say, Rehab but a very nice version of it. It was glorious, I felt like a new born baby . . though I must admit that having a firm massage while being rubbed down with grains, having crystals ground into my face after having impurities taken away, then being put in a tomb which enveloped me in steam then sprayed me with water were completely new experiences . . .

A little La Prairie toy/demo

Lunch of spa food was a nice little break from big chefs' creations, I loved my carrot juice soup (volupte). The afternoon session was reserved for our bodies . . . a massage to be specific. I had an Ayurvedic one . . .it was divine. My masseuse lived in India for a long time, fixed my problems and attempted to diagnose my woes, his conclusion being that I needed to let things go . . . to open up. It was like a massage version of open heart yoga . . . it was amazing. Life-changing almost and definitely needed as we had barely time to recover from jetlag. It felt strange to get back into my little green t-ra dress after spending the whole day in a robe!

The town of Montreux is very cute, home to the MontreuxJazz Festival. In fact the jazz festival was going on but our schedule did allow for us to stay which was a bit of bummer as I know one of Lynn's favourite acts were due to play. Next time.

The drive back to Evian, was incredible . . . the sky was totally open and the crevasses between the mountains rather unique with Lake Geneva on the other side, we were in a Switzerland en route back to Evian in France, a pocket of Frenchness in a Swiss empire.

We then found the only Thai restaurant in Evian then went to collect Evian water, FOR FREE . . .it is not a scam, Evian is a spa town and like all spa towns, it is La Source and its water is avaialbe for all from its public fountains. Evian is such a big deal there is even an Evian Museum and just about every step of the way there is that familiar little pastel pink/blue logo. . .

La Source of Evian is a beautiful fountain up a hill where the mineral water flows to. It reminded me of where Lynn and I went to school in Malvern where there is also Malvern water. The notion of free Evian water is awesome, a mega treat. The past glory of Evian came to life as we strolled around and filled our vessels. Wish we had time to visit the Water Exhibition at the Palais de Lumiere . . . this is the old palace which belonged to the Lumiere brothers, two of the earliest filmmakers in history. . .who's name appropriately means light. Water and light - how fitting.

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  1. If I could I would love to visit all of the popular or most purest drinking water springs/sources. That would make for a cool journey around the world. nice blog though.