Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bali Bliss - Lotus and Sarongs

The week at the beach ended in P'Nicki Von Buren and Rekha's wedding extravaganza that started at their enchanting Canggu estate that the Von Burens founded 34 years ago.

The attention to detail, the atmosphere, the everything was so finely done, very Lotus (arts de Vivre), extremely elegant. The first night was about stumbling into each other in the dark in our sarongs and watching a kecak dance on the sand to the sound of the ocean and roaring of fire as Rama, Sita and Hunuman danced followed then by a trancelike fire dance.

Malina and Carla

The Dancefloor in Sarongs
Carla, Tulaya and I
John Erskine on the decks

The second day recovery was difficult, mine was spent on the beach, then later a dinner at the Hotel Tugu. Impressive was the conversion of the Tugu lobby to a lobby disco. . . and let's not forget the exodus of friends from Bkk and all over . . . also the bride and groom dancing.
P'Mai and P'Nicki

John (on the decks again)
Wan, P'Eric and I

Then to Sunday wedding brunch and my last day in Bali . . .we all loved the very cheeky cowboy magician P'Tai who came from Krabi. .
By day
Earth Fish

.and the mandatory picture infront of the "dome" . . yes, we can see each other in the reflection.

Congrats to the most beautifully elegant and sophisticated couple. Did get a chance to speak to the bride much, she was absolutely stunning and her husband as dashing as ever. Leny Chandra . . .

Now that is bliss if ever there was . . . feeling fully charged now, but be all that love that Bali gave me. Thanks.

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