Thursday, 19 August 2010

Silver Hawk over Blue

Lynn and I absolutely ADORED our 45 minute ride from St Tropez to Cannes in a heli, the view was sublime and I really loved how the nautical stripes of my Issue playsuit really seemed to compliment the little sail boats you see below - can totally understand the obsession for white and blue in the Mediterranean after our little ride.

love love love. Defo another one of my fave moments from the Grey Goose Discerning France trip . . . I always get carsick in a car to and from St Tropez anyway, this solves all problems . . . landed in Cannes ready for our little boat trip.

Helipad was just next door to our hotel, the Majestic, how SWEET would it have been if this was during the Cannes Film Festival in May, we might have been able to rejoice in the atmo after P'Joei won his Palme d'Or if that were case.

Nonetheless, oh helicopter and riviera how we heart thee - especially when you are together.

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